About us

HIP LANE brings trendy fashion and cool vibes to the lanes and tracks where endurance sports are performed.

HIP LANE’s logo, the dandelion flower, stands for courage, freedom, and power. Seeing the flower sway with a gentle breeze or when being blown, brings a smile to our faces and reminds us of youthfulness.

Founded by designer Carla Lopes, HIP LANE’s vision is to produce high quality endurance apparel for women, with attention to comfort, functionality, and sophisticated designs, using premium imported fabrics.

Designed in the USA, HIP LANE is being sold across the globe, with more people taking part in endurance sports than ever before.

HIP LANE cares about the planet and believes that sustainable fashion is not an option—it is imperative. That is why HIP LANE has launched a sustainable Swimwear collection in high end quality fabric, made from recycled plastic bottles collected from the ocean, thereby removing tons of plastic waste and saving marine life.

HIP LANE packs your orders using only recycled and sustainably sourced materials. Our hang-tags are made from 100% recycled cards and use non-toxic inks for printing. With our on going research on new fabrics and processes, we commit to guiding you towards a more sustainable future.